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A Miner's Poem
Author: Shahzsd Manzoor Channa
A Miners Wife Poem
Author: Brenda Graham
Daughter of A Coal Miner
Author: Mary Cottenham Folk
If You Could Trap A Sound
Author: Kathy Pippig Harris
A Coal Miner's Poem
Author: Robert Lee Shephard
Coal Miners Plight
Author: Floyd Jett
* The poetry pages were written by visitors to this web site. Any one that wants to donate poetry please contact me and I will consider publishing your story or poetry on this web site.
I'm A Coal Miner
Author: Phyllis McArthur Robinette
A Coal Miner's Prayer
Author: Brenda graham
Day From Night
Author: Meloyde Denisov
In The Shadow Of The Shaft
Author: Daryn Davies
Number Nine Miner
Author: Steve Opyoke
West Virginia Coal Miner
Author: Brian M. Snuffer
Where We Will Meet
Author: Steve Opyoke
My web sites inspired me to write this e book. I invite all to read.  Please be patient it takes a few to load. *An external link
A Commerative Video For The Fallen Miners In West Virginia

You can hear the mountains cry "Final Cut".wmv
The Kentucky Coal Mines
Author: Brenda Grahm
Where They Worked and Lived
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