A Poem By Brenda Graham

  Her husband worked in the coal mines. In 1980 a rock fell from the top of the mines and crushed her husbands back. The tragic accident inspired her to write this poem

The Kentucky Coal Mines

Way down deep inside the Kentucky coal mines,
A lot of brave men is what you’ll find
Who risk their lives by night and day,
For lots of hard work and very little pay

They risk their lives day in and day out,
For it’S their families they worry about
They worry about clothes and shoes for their feet,
They worry about bills and food to eat.

They don’t get enough pay for what they must do,
Some call them crazy others call them fools
If you ask them why, here’s what they will say,
There’s no better job with any better pay.

It’s dark in there so you miners beware,
Watch out for each other and miners take care
Keep your light shining; keep it at all times
So your way back out you’ll be able to find.

Let’s all say a prayer as they enter in,
God let them come out and see daylight again
God please watch over these brave Kentucky men.

© Brenda Graham
All Rights Reserved

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