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The coal miner I know comes from a special breed of man who works in the darkness under dangerous conditions and breathes the coal dust that gives him black lung and no hope of a retirement future.
The work is dirty and dangerous and many lost their lives due to the neglect of mine operators and poor implementation of State and Federal laws regulating the way mining should be conducted.

I am the son of a Kentucky coal miner, I was raised in a coal camp. This is my story.     

That one ton of coal = 5 barrels of oil. = 30,000 ft of natural gas. *Approximate figures that depend on grade of coal being considered and particular composition of oil and gas.
If all the energy of a lump of coal could be used (E=mc^2) it would keep a light bulb going for a million years.!
Black Lung kills almost 1,500 miners each year.
Coal generates more than half of the electricity used in the Unites States.
A typical train car holds between 115 and 117 tons of coal.                 
Where They Worked
And Where They Lived
Interesting Facts About   Coal
Coal Mining 20Th Century

Coal Mining in the 20Th Century was extremely difficult for the miners and their families.They had many complaints about their occupation. The underground work was dangerous, dirty and often damp. Miners working in the underground tunnels could not stand straight, ceilings in the tunnels being too low. They picked and shoveled the coal for ten hours a day. Miners breathed stale dusty air, and many developed a breathing ailment known today as "Black Lung".
Coal dust has blackened the lungs of miners for hundreds of years, and efforts to end black-lung disease stretch back decades. This disease kills 1500 miners each year.

Did you know?

If it were not for naturally occurring greenhouse gases, the Earth would be too cold to support life as we know it. Without the greenhouse effect, the average temperature of the Earth would be about -2°F rather than the 57°F we currently experience.

There are over 1,000 surface mines and more than 1,000 underground mines in the US. Underground mining is more difficult and requires more miners.

Wyoming is the leading coal producer at almost 300,000 tons per year.

The average coal miner is 45 years old and has 20 ears of experience.

America has over 200 years of available coal reserves.

Each person in the United States uses 3.8  tons of coal each year.

The worlds largest producers  and consumers of coal are China, Poland, Russia,India and the United States.
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A typical train car holds between 115 and 117 tons of coal.