Official Web Site of Harlan County
Web Site Of Harlan Kentucky.Located in 
Southeastern Kentucky.
Evarts Kentucky
Official web site of Evarts Kentucky.
Located in harlan county..
A very informative site  to preserve appalachian culture through story telling.
Indian Translators
Indian Translators....The translation
services. Indian language translation
is our speciality.
Susan Kushner Resnick - A coal mining disaster in Montana. An author who wrote "Good Bye Wifes And Daughters" 
The Explosion of an American Town
 Glens Place
Recipes, Photos, Quotes And Redneck Jokes.
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A Beautiful site with poetry that is well written.
A must read Blog - Which includes family history of the Applichian region And Kentucky coal mining during the 1900's -1940's
S & B Mine Training
We are a family operated business.
 Art and Portraits by MargaretPortraits from Photos
 Creating oil portraits from your favorite photos.
An Informative Site About Coal Mining
Random Terrain 
An excellent  and informative site about web design.
A web site about spirtual insipirations and poetry.
Letcher County Coal Miners' Memorial
In Honor of Fallen Heroes
Harlan County Pot Luck - A very informative web site  about Harlan County.
S &S Heating & Cooling
Building trust through quality service. We measure our success by your satisfaction.
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S & S Auto Parts, Machine Shop Service -
A machine shop and auto parts business that offers precision machining, engine reconditioning, head work, and engine balancing. Our auto parts store has a complete line of NAPA auto parts
John Fee - Country Roots& Cowboy Boots
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Coal Employment For South Eastern Kentuckyodd text.
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